Google Adwords and Analytics

Google Analytics is an effective, FREE website tool that allows you to monitor your ad campaigns, product interest, purchasing/registration scenarios, and website effectiveness as well as to accurately find out who’s clicking on what page or element of your website and thus enable your business to effectively analyze customer behaviour, track online transactions, and optimize your website’s performance.

Free website analytics will allow you to track:

  • Which key words are most effective in generating traffic and revenue!
  • Which content, products, or offers that create the most user interest!
  • How visitors arrive at your site and where they go when they are there!
  • The effectiveness of partnerships/affiliates in generating traffic and revenue
    and which ad campaigns generate the most revenue!

When you establish your Google Adword campaign you will only pay Google for results. No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and their advertising network and you pay only if people click on your ads and visit your website. We’ll help you get started to create your keywords list and first campaign and answer all your questions. Adwords is the fastest way to get your ad on Google.

If you want to advertise locally? AdWords Express is a simple advertising solution specifically designed for small businesses.

Escarpment Web solutions can set up these service if we create your website. We will embed the Google Analytics tracking code in every page of your website and set up a monthly or weekly or quarterly report sent to you by email in PDF format.
Google Adwords
Google analytics

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