Boosting your business!

Does it feel like it’s time to Boost your Business?

If you have been thinking about boosting your customer base, I am about to show you some really simple ways you can use to make your website and your business more attractive to your target customers.

It is pretty obvious that by increasing the traffic to your website, be it an e commerce site or a business branding site, more traffic will equal more customers inquiring then purchasing your service or products.

In this article I have listed a few sure fire methods you can use to attract more traffic to your website and bring it up on the search engine rankings so that your name will be the first one customers see on the page.

1 Write a blog on your website.

First off if you are selling a product or service, you should already be an expert in your field, and if you can put a few key thoughts of your vast knowledge of your field or product into an article, this will be sure to attract new readers or customers and also help to keep your one-time visitors coming back to your website for more. For example, if you run a renovation service business, an article like “5 ways to get your home ready for Winter” is a great option to draw new readers interested in renovations to your website.

You could run similar items seasonally or monthly, and if you provide your reader with accurate and informative articles, he or she will keep coming back for more. You could always use a blogging site such as Blogger but ideally you want the blog to be right on your site where it raises your websites rankings when readers return to read your latest article. A great method to keep it all together is to use WordPress to build your site and blog, together all in one easy package.

When you submit articles on self-hosted blogs like Digg or Blogger they get all the credit for hits directly from your website. With self-hosted blogs you make your own rankings go up, using other blogging sites you make their rankings go up. Make sense?

Make sure you are disciplined to make regular contributions or if possible you can appoint someone else to add fresh content at least once or twice per week will guarantee to keep your readers interested and coming back regularly for more.

2 Build links.

You can use your blog to link to your website, but you should also include links to your website and blog in email newsletters to subscribers and on your social media feeds. Your key goal is to build traffic to your website so you show up higher in search results. This link building is very easy  all you have to do is add links to content across all the digital platforms you use. You can also comment on local news sites with a link to content on your site. This will certainly drive people to your retail store.

Another thing to remember is that so many retailers sites scream price and product that nothing stands out. In the attempt to “sell” something to us you lose our interest because you are shouting either: a) We’re desperate and need the sale or b)We’re only interested in what you can do for us right now. The trick is coming up with content, features, articles and the rest that make your site, and by extension your brick and mortar store indispensable. Once you have that trust and interest, by all means, sell them.

3 Submit

To expand on point 2, when you submit links to your blog articles and website content to third-party sources of related information. such as Local news websites, industry-related blogs, consumer forums and online communities, for some examples of great places to re-post your blog articles and build links to your website. This can replace the effort of trying to send out a press release about an event or sale. If your goal is to be the authority on home improvement and you are a hardware store or an expert on dog grooming, cooking or para-sailing. Your blog articles will show that expertise in bite-sized posts will become share able.

4 Update your website regularly.

Just as customers enjoy searching your retail store for what’s new, the search engines favor websites that have fresh, recently added content. The key here is to choose a web hosting service or site platform that allows you to update your site easily and often. Using WordPress makes it easy to maintain both blog and website without being nickel and dime’d by developers or the heavy handedness used by the free platforms. Another tip is to don’t always be selling.

5 Invest in professional Web Design.

Professional Web Design will improve the quality and relevance of your site content and make your website more appealing to visitors, both of which can help you generate higher traffic volumes without lifting a finger. Making your free website is nice and costs nothing but time, but if you want to attract more traffic to your brick and mortar store, you need to attract more traffic to your website.

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